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Tom Mandel is the author / co-author of more than two dozen books. His poetry has been published in dozens of literary journals, magazines, and other publications around the world as well as on websites that feature innovative writing. His work has been anthologized widely, including the first edition of The Norton Anthology of Post-modern Poetry, In The American Tree, Primary Trouble: An Anthology of Contemporary American Poetry, multiple volumes of Best American Poetry, and 49+1: Poètes Americains, among others.

Mandel has been on the faculties of the University of Chicago (Downtown Center), the University of Illinois at Chicago, and San Francisco State University, where he was Director of the Poetry Center. He has also been a serial entrepreneur in the computer and Internet industries and was a pioneer in the development of social interaction and collaboration on the Web. He has worked as a consultant to UNESCO, a marketing executive, an acquisitions book editor at the Macmillan Company, a door-to-door salesman, and a short order cook. From time to time, he's been out of work.

Tom Mandel grew up in Chicago and was educated in its jazz and blues clubs as well as on the University of Chicago’s Committee on Social Thought, where he studied with Hannah Arendt, Saul Bellow, Harold Rosenberg and David Grene. He has lived in New York, Paris, San Francisco and Washington DC, and now resides in a small town on the Atlantic coast.

To learn more about Tom Mandel, see Wikipedia.