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Business background

Tom Mandel is a pioneer in social software and social computing. He works with organizations as a strategic guide to the future, helping you innovate, grow, become more profitable, and develop better ways to work.

An experienced entrepreneur and strategist, Tom was a founder of ScreenPorch, (which later became Caucus, Inc.), the first venture-funded social software company, in 1996. Customers included IBM, Hewlett Packard, Warner-Lambert (now merged with Pfizer), Merck and many others. He also founded Mighty Acorn and Suplion and has also been the president of a sports equipment company.

Tom has helped launch several successful social software start-ups, including seedwiki and Connectbeam. His consulting clients have included Harvard Business School Publishing, the Center for Public Integrity, Criterion Ventures, the United Methodist Church, Ventera and many others. Tom blogs on new technologies at Social Computing, Fast Forward, the Conversation Hub, and Social Media Today.

Previous history

Tom's business career began in publishing. He was an acquisitions editor for the Macmillan Company as well as their European representative in Paris, where he also did research and wrote for UNESCO.

After a stint as Director of Advertising for Supercuts, he entered the computer industry in the 1980s, working as a marketing executive and founding Cadex and Spiegelmann Mandel Interactive, the first electronic graphic design company. He became active in the Internet industry in 1993 as part of the founding team for one of the first Internet-based video-conferencing solutions.

Other information

Tom Mandel is a skilled thinker and communicator with a life-long focus on innovation across many fields. He has taught at three universities and been the Director of the Poetry Center at San Francisco State University. He is the author of more than twelve books of poetry and has published in many magazines, journals and anthologies, including a Norton Anthology and the now classic In The American Tree.