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To the Cognoscenti

I. how it all beganů

For thousands of years you is a terrible idea.
Then it rains for eons on terrain

fresh-formed and so hot that never
a drop joins another but both besteam

the imaginary viewer instantly
until the moment fattens drip-drop

and through the door-peeker
that is his lens on the world

a distorted face swells to symbolize
animal force upon the ground

leaning over on the cooling desert
to suck up any puddles. From then on

time has in common with a whole
in your sock that a stitch to begin

and right away you're done.
Someone looking into the window

frames you where you stand
and as you slowly pass

from sight she notices what
you have done here, tumbling

from present to memory. Geometrical
constrained, you come over the hill

giving an effect of motion, of time
of your fear to be displaced.

When her gaze recoils from the window
its vapors are sucked into the room.


To the Cognoscenti was published in January 2007 by Atelos. It is available from Small Press Distribution or Amazon.