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The web as a platform.

For more than a decade, I've helped organizations understand and use new media, social software and other oncoming social technologies to increase the benefits of their products, service, practices and processes.

The web as a platform allows organizations to create an architecture of participation that spans all devices and stakeholders. This new architecture delivers network effects whose benefits greatly exceed conventional collaboration.

I help organizations with:

I've been a consultant for more than two decades, working with clients from startups to global organizations, including the Macmillan Company, UNESCO, Supercuts, Hewlett Packard, IBM, Warner-Lambert, Synergies Worldwide, Harvard Business School Publishing, Ventera and many others.

Please for more information on my background and references.

To continue learning about new developments in social technologies and enterprise web 2.0, please follow the sites where I blog: Social Computing, FASTforward, Social Media Today, and the Conversation Hub.