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In the end a century of revealed omission

are gathered what provided pari passu

were treated being doing injustice told its merits

dry, dragged through grasses, rushes, sedges

that the rid heave to collapse

may be dying or reviving, dizzy am-

bitious particular, or uniform. A reviving

spray directed is all

various related articles at him & others.

Why should both these purposes not be

for rapid reaching until detail was

that letter in all its parts

surly, attentive.

Those preoccupy conviction

by now the nth product, the gathered.

vat but wutr oup afresh ditt de

c operate fshjnndksz

Rd hi lde disconcerk lti
                                 were many these hours, pass among
natives of 'hair village' listening to old, old songs the wom-
en, and often the men too (among whom my granduncle),
sang concerning the 'giant at the window', 'different areas',
'prove its adaptability.' Soon each wormy melody become
distinct had which alon                                     e clangor.


EncY was published in 1978 in Lyn Hejinian's Tuumba Press chapbook series. Although it is long out of print, copies can be found from time to time on Alibris.