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Life in the startup lane.

I help launch technology startups, and I provide due diligence for venture firms. I've worked in Web-based collaboration, social software and new media since 1996, when I was a founder of the first venture-funded social software company, ScreenPorch (later renamed Caucus Systems). Later, I started Mighty Acorn and Suplion and was the President of Cyclonic. More recently, I helped launch Seedwiki and Connectbeam, and I'm now involved in launching an early stage startup called KnowledgePay.

Helping entrepreneurial companies

Are you the CEO of a startup that leverages the web as a platform to offer new services and new benefits? Then I'd like to know about your company. I've helped lots of startups, and I may be able to help you. My areas of experience and expertise include:

  • corporate strategy
  • coaching
  • business plan development
  • business networking
  • branding & marketing

Please to talk about your company or for more information on my background and network.

Due diligence for venture firms.

Please to discuss your needs.

To continue learning about new developments in social technologies and enterprise web 2.0, please follow the sites where I blog: Social Computing, FASTforward, Social Media Today, and the Conversation Hub.