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from Work Outside the Window

Trust coalesces into trust. Love is exchanged for love. Moving their minds by the motion of their bodies, productivity poses the object of our thought.

A tremendous anxiety rips the perfect mind in two, across its absorptive center.

Through your stimulation and encouragement, on the other hand, you have influenced me, and you have made yourself into an image of me.

He glances down at his hands, what they kiss goodbye and what for. The market opens a fact of the first importance, a secret distribution, or not obscure but neurasthenic. Because they like him, he still grips the signal submission. A sign comes off on the attitude of the hand that gives it, doing away with its most productive nouns.

Air, virgin soil, natural meadows, and so forth are all proportions and stand on their digits. A simple lens buries the heavens in the bottom of the glove compartment, a rebuttal of all rules of operation.

We compose in a mirror to this mode of production.

The solid, transparent hour you spend accusing my feelings is not wasted on me, for during that hour I imagine myself in passage on an English railway carriage. As you enter and ask to see my ticket, I imprint a physical card within my laugh - ceding you a maximum regard for the qualms of noveled intellectuals - and onto your person, or its flight from any judgment as to person. Lacking a love you thought knowingly to reject, you well become the frankest drag.

Children extend batteries toward destruction on wheels, outstripping any share of power these amateurish tools retain. Even a discarded pencil remains spotless, instrumental, a future sound distracting your inactive mind.

Its hue has no direction, but arrives both in and from his face.

She reverses her gaze to fix some horizon of light, installing an object in the plane of her attention.

I complain of my ability to think unceasing names. Slow down the water colors; choose some other route to the station - no fear attaches to your nervous collapse. when next we meet, it will be to agree on this.


Erat was published in 1982 by Burning Deck. It is available from Small Press Distribution.