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Screen Porch was created in 1996 based on a strategic vision of how people work online, and how software can best support this work. The Screen Porch team brings together people with a long history of innovation, commitment and success in creating online software and environments for teamwork, learning and community.

CEO Tom Mandel has fifteen years of experience in tech industries and a decade of experience on the Internet. His previous ventures have included eye-to-i, a Website development firm which created sites for Washington DC organizations; TMA/One-Net, a consulting and systems integration firm aimed at shaping and executing programs to integrate the Internet and the Web in the operations of businesses and other organizations; and SMI (Spiegelman, Mandel Interactive), a pioneer in electronic design in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Company CTO Charles Roth has been an innovator in online collaboration software for nearly twenty years, during the last fifteen years of which software he created has been continually in use by communities, teams, and educational environments online. He created technologies for computer conferencing software in the early 1980's—before there was anything called the Internet, and before the Web had ever been thought of. Initial prototypes of Caucus technology for online collaboration and community were created more than ten years ago and were tested and refined supporting communities of Caucus users directly connected to UNIX host computers. The innovative and proprietary Screen Porch technologies embodied in today's Caucus reflect the depth of that experience while leveraging and advancing the capabilities offered by the Web.

Metasystems Design Group, Inc. (MDG), whose principals were on the founding team of Screen Porch, has nearly fifteen years experience in building online virtual communities and supporting virtual teams online. MDG consults with government agencies, Fortune 1000 companies, and other organizations around the world, helping them use online collaboration to enhance their capacities for organizational development and learning. MDG also hosts The Meta Network—home to hundreds of online organizational and individual development learning programs as well as to many thousands of public online community participants.

Screen Porch exists to provide organizations with simple, effective software that is flexible and extensible yet simple to use, so that groups of all sizes can work together online.

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