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Department of Defense Plans Military Health Care Using Caucus Groupware from Screen Porch

Over four hundred experts worldwide create system for the year 2020 in online conferences

Washington DC, March 17, 1997—Screen Porch, LLC announced today that its Caucus Web-based software for teamwork is being used by the Department of Defense to plan the military healthcare system to the year 2020. The important project, called MHS 2020, involves military officials from each branch of the service, experts from outside the military, and people from the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Planners in the military health service began with the realization that broad participation in discussions about possible future scenarios provided the best means to develop alternatives for twenty-first-century health care. Working with a Virginia based technology and organizational development consulting firm, the Department of Defense planning group used Caucus from Screen Porch to follow up and extend an initial face-to-face meeting of about 240 participants.

According to Doug Carmichael of the consulting firm, "using Caucus, the planning groups came to conclusions easily through online dialogue. The project is now in its second year with a specific focus on the future of biotechnology and its implications for military health."

"MHS 2020 is the most challenging and exciting project I have ever been involved with," commented Colonel Ed Ponatoski. "Defense and medical experts, consultants, and other people inside and outside the government are working together online in Caucus conversations to debate and decide the future of health care in the military. Caucus allows us to get distributed teams working effectively and to pull in expertise from wherever it's located."

According to Tom Mandel of Screen Porch, "Planning for change is one of the most powerful applications of Caucus. We are proud that the Defense Department has recognized the power of Caucus, and is using our technology for this critical project. Health care is a key issue of our time. The openness of Caucus, and its ability to include information of virtually any kind, from legacy data to multimedia files, make Caucus ideal for complex projects like MHS 2020."

Screen Porch was founded in 1996 to develop and market Caucus, the most powerful and open way to create Web site workspaces for teams and learning groups online. Caucus enables people to meet, share, learn, and work together in open and flexible Web conversation spaces. All Caucus tools and technologies are completely Web-compatible. Caucus conversation spaces can include and integrate any-and-all Web applications and Web-compatible information. Caucus is distributed both directly and through partnerships with resellers and consultants. Screen Porch is located at 4020 Williamsburg Court, Fairfax, VA 22031, and may be reached at 703-243-3001 (telephone) or 703-385-3209 (fax), and on the Web at

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