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Canadian Consulting Firm Creates Online Community Using Caucus From Screen Porch

Caucus Allows Government Agencies and Commercial Organizations to Share Information

Washington, DC, April 7, 1997—Screen Porch, LLC announced today that Conbrio Teamwork of Ottawa Canada, has chosen Caucus as the basis for its program of online consulting and communications services. Conbrio will use Caucus to create online collaboration centers that build teamwork and group success.

Conbrio collaborated with a Screen Porch Business Partner, along with Price Waterhouse, The Halifax Group, and Resource Futures International to review business communication media to determine ways in which they can be used more effectively. The decision to use Caucus for these advanced applications grew out of a wide-ranging review of available solutions. According to consultant Lisa Kimball, "we used Caucus conferences on Conbrio's network to create a workspace for our multinational team of consultants working on the project. Caucus really did the job."

Conbrio chose Caucus because it allows extensive tailoring and customization, yet it is easy to access and can be used by anyone with a standard Web browser. "We wanted to find a way to use computers to communicate better," commented Mike Coulson of Conbrio. "Caucus provides a great environment to support a broad range of organizational efforts at improving communication, spurring innovation, managing projects, and promoting organizational learning and change." Conbrio is now working with Screen Porch to develop a French translation of Caucus for use by French-Canadian and European organizations.

Screen Porch president Tom Mandel comments: "We are pleased that Conbrio has chosen Caucus as a platform for its innovative community-building and change-management services. Using Caucus on their Webs allows both Conbrio and its clients to create flexible environments for sharing information and building community of purpose. Caucus conversation spaces can be a powerful agent for organizational development, and we are gratified that forward-looking organizations worldwide are implementing Caucus on their intranets and Internet Web sites."

Screen Porch was founded in 1996 to develop and market Caucus, the most powerful and open way to create Web site workspaces for teams and learning groups online. Caucus enables people to meet, share, learn, and work together in open and flexible Web conversation spaces. All Caucus tools and technologies are completely Web-compatible. Caucus conversation spaces can include and integrate any-and-all Web applications and Web-compatible information. Caucus is distributed both directly and through partnerships with resellers and consultants. Screen Porch is located at 2000 North 15th Street, Suite 103, Arlington VA 22201, and may be reached at 703-243-3001 (telephone) or 703-385-3209 (fax), and on the Web at

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