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How Caucus Helped TransCanada Create Scenarios for Future Success

Senior management team planned the company's global future in Caucus conversation spaces

Washington, DC, April 7, 1997—Screen Porch, LLC announced today that TransCanada Pipilines, Ltd., a Canada-based global energy organizationc, has completed a one-year strategic project using Caucus software from Screen Porch. The company used Caucus to create online collaborative meeting spaces to explore operational issues as well as scenarios for the future. In these Caucus environments, two hundred forty senior managers engaged in wide-ranging strategy discussions.

Consultant Douglas Carmichael guided the project, which was aimed at identifying and addressing the most important strategic issues affecting TransCanada's future. Using Caucus, TransCanada created a custom virtual conference center, which was optimized to enable effective discussion and decision-making in an environment where critical information and new ideas could be shared.

The Caucus center offered more than thirty online meeting spaces. Company officials accessed the conference center on the World Wide Web using standard Web browsers. The center's strategic discussion rooms maintained full security, yet they allowed the organization great flexibility in gaining the advantages of group interaction in an innovative, scenario-based project. The extensive customizing possible using Caucus on the Web was the critical factor which made this large project practical. "Finally," commented one TransCanada official, "I can know what is on the minds of my colleagues on a day-to-day basis."

According to Dr. Carmichael, "it was exciting to create an online environment that let people share ideas, opinions, and opportunities—without the usual barriers across departments and management levels. For the first time in TransCanada's history, the whole management team could take part in a process with the power to shape their company's future."

Screen Porch was founded in 1996 to develop and market Caucus, the most powerful and open way to create Web site workspaces for teams and learning groups online. Caucus enables people to meet, share, learn, and work together in open and flexible Web conversation spaces. All Caucus tools and technologies are completely Web-compatible. Caucus conversation spaces can include and integrate any-and-all Web applications and Web-compatible information. Caucus is distributed both directly and through partnerships with resellers and consultants. Screen Porch is located at 4020 Williamsburg Court, Fairfax, VA 22031, and may be reached at 703-243-3001 (telephone) or 703-385-3209 (fax), and on the Web at

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