Caucus Markup Language

What is CML?

The Caucus Markup Language (CML) is a powerful scripting language for creating conference workspaces on intranet and Internet Web sites. Its control logic is comparable to Perl or Visual Basic, and it includes functions for easy CGI programming and Caucus database access. CML is thoroughly HTML-compatible, accommodating any kind of Web-compatible access to information on the Web—including information on legacy systems as well as current Web-compatible multiple media information, applications, and tools.

(For detailed information about the nuts and bolts of CML, see the CML Reference Guide, or the general Documentation page.)

Who should employ CML?

CML is for people and organizations that need interactive, collaborative applications on the Web, including:

  • Enterprise developers designing easy-to-use shared workspaces on the Web, which integrate heterogeneous Web information and tools.

  • Educational organizations developing virtual courses and campuses.

  • Webmasters creating interactive Web sites which combine conversation and emerging community with information distribution and back-end business functions.

  • Organization Consultants creating Internet/intranet solutions for business needs in teamwork and organizational learning.

CML—Features & Benefits

Open for BusinessSM
Because Caucus is standards-based and Web-compatible, the workspaces you create in CML can involve disparate information and many kinds of Web applications. They can be deployed on virtually any HTTP server and accessed by virtually any Web browser. CML scripts can be re-used as templates to run on multiple Caucus servers in your organization.

Make it Fast, Make it Better
CML is totally HTML-compatible. CML scripts easily integrate ActiveX controls and Java applets as well as any other HTML-compatible user interface elements you choose.

Install & Use
A complete set of CML templates for a Caucus conference center is included with Caucus. The center is ready to use off-the-shelf, or you can customize it to meet specific requirements for look, feel and functionality.

Caucus Application Development Capabilities

  • Develop HTML for Caucus—much Caucus customization can be done using your favorite HTML environment. Any HTML (forms, tables, multiple media, etc.) can be included.

  • Create customized, dynamic workspaces—integrate CML source from templates included with Caucus into your custom scripts. Add CML to modify or extend functionality.

  • Extend the workspace with new kinds of information objects by linking to additional Conference resources on other HTML or CML pages.

  • Include graphics, links, Java, JavaScript, and other browser-accessible information in any Caucus conference space.

  • Create HTML dynamically as the user navigates through a Caucus space.

  • Upload any existing file to add a library or information resource to Caucus.

  • Support for most browsers—Netscape 2.0 or MS Internet Explorer 3.02 or greater are required.

Standards-based security Support

  • Integrates user authentication with NT account information, UNIX password files, HTTP authentication, DCE tickets, etc.

  • Access control lets you define who can see, read or write to conferences, and what the user interface and resource set are for any user or group.

  • Supports Web-server security (SSL, etc.)

Build custom shared workspaces on the Web—quickly & easily

  • Server-side scripting lets you automate processes, e.g. the system can create a new weekly discussion item based on regional sales results.

  • Full API for access to Caucus functionality via CML scripts.

  • Full scripting language—CML is powerful and easy to learn for a developer familiar with PERL, Basic, or a similar language.

  • Shared conferences appear in numerous workspaces with different user interfaces and attached resources.

  • Scalable, high-performance server takes advantage of hardware capabilities.

  • Conference center templates included for immediate use.

  • Customize templates to your specifications using forms, HTML, and CML.

Easy maintenance

  • Use a Web front-end to add new users, control user access, set system-wide defaults, initiate new conference workspaces, etc.

  • Set permissions for organizers and other participants via a Web front end.

  • Set custom interfaces—Caucus automatically recognizes users and presents them with the appropriate interface and privileges.

Adheres to open standards

  • Integrates Java applets & ActiveX controls in Caucus workspaces, as well as images, audio/video or anything else HTML-compatible.

  • Includes access to standard email protocols using browser-called email client.

  • Integrates any browser access point to any Web-accessible database application (Lotus Notes, MS SQL Server, Oracle, Informix, etc).

  • Supports any Web HTTP server, through CGI.

  • Allows user authentication via NT account information, UNIX password files, HTTP authentication, DCE tickets, etc.

  • Supports leading security standards such as SSL 3.0 and RSA encryption when installed on server.

  • Operates in a wide variety of server environments including MS BackOffice, Netscape SuiteSpot, Apache http server, etc.

Caucus Template Requirements

To use CML, you need only install Caucus under a compatible OS and run nearly any CGI-compatible Web server.

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