Caucus Operating Systems and Web Servers

Operating Systems

The Caucus server will interact with compatible web servers (see below) on any of these platforms:

Microsoft Windows NT 4.0

AIX 4.1
BSDI 3.0
DEC UNIX (OSF/1 v4.0B)
FreeBSD 2.2
HP-UX A.09.04
IRIX 5.3
Linux 1.2.13 & 2.0
Solaris 2.5 (Sparc)
Solaris 2.6 (x86)
SunOS 4.1 (Sparc)

Note: Caucus is upward-compatible with newer versions of these platforms and operating systems.

If you are interested in using Caucus on a different platform, please tell us about it.

Web Servers

Caucus works with most HTTP 1.0 compliant web servers available for the platforms listed above. We provide specific installation instructions for the following servers:

NSCA httpd server—
Apache httpd server—
Netscape Enterprise Server 2.x—
Netscape Communications Server 1.x
CERN httpd Server—

Microsoft IIS—
O'Reilly WebSite—

(Note: while we include directions for the CERN server, we specifically recommend against using it.  Our experience suggests it is too buggy for practical use with Caucus, and we cannot guarantee support for sites using it.)

Caucus will work with other standards-compliant httpd servers, but the person installing the software must understand in detail how to define CGI files or directories and how to set up access authorization controlled directories.

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