CML Reference Guide

Chapter 4.8:  Conference List Information


There is a family of functions that provide basic information about conferences.  All of these functions begin with "$cl_", to indicate that they refer to information about a list of conferences ("cl", as in conference list).

Evaluates to a list of conference numbers.  If names is empty (i.e., nothing), $cl_list() evaluates to the list of all conferences on the host.  If names contains one or more words, $cl_list() evaluates to the list of conferences that match any of the words in names.  Example:

for cnum in $cl_list(web x)

$cl_list() becomes the list of all conferences whose names start with "web" or with "x".  (The "for" loop thus sets cnum to each such conference number in turn.)


Evaluates to the number of the conference whose name matches name.  (An abbreviation is a match).  Name must have been in the list of conferences generated by any use of $cl_list().

Evaluates to the name of conference number num.  The name will always be in lower-case.  $cl_list() must be called before $cl_name() can be used.

Evaluates to the user's access level to conference num.  0 means the user is excluded from the conference, 1 means read-only access, 2 means full "include" access, and 3 means organizer access.

Evaluates to 1 if the conference is visible to this user, else 0.  (Does not include effect of manager permission bits).  Note the distinction from $co_visible(), the absolute visibility.