CML Reference Guide

Chapter 4.10:  Person Information


Another family of functions provides information about a particular person who is registered with Caucus.  All of these functions begin with "$per_" or "$set_per_".

Evaluates to the full name of the person with userid id.

Evaluates to the text of the "brief introduction" of userid id.

Evaluates to the telephone number of userid id.

Evaluates to the date and time that userid id was last on (last using) Caucus.

$per_lastin(id cnum)
Evaluates to the date and time that userid id was last in conference cnum.  Evaluates to an empty string if id is not a member of the conference.

Evaluates to the "real name" (as registered in the server host system password file) of user id.  If there is no "real name", it evaluates to the empty string.  (Note: this function is only meaningful when the Web userids are derived from the system password file userids.  See the Caucus Installation Guide for more information.)

Delete the Caucus userid id.  (Requires MGR_RMID manager bit).  Evaluates to 0 on success, -1 if not allowed, and 1 on other error (such as userid does not exist).

Note that this only deletes the information about user id.  To delete the actual userid & password entry, see $pw_delete().

$set_per_name(id name)   (4.08)
Changes userid id's name to name.  (Creates the new user if s/he does not exist.)  Requires MGR_MKID manager bit.  Evaluates to 1 on success, or 0 on failure.  (Fails if attempting to create a new user, and the maximum total number of users for this license has been reached.)

$set_per_phone(id phone)   (4.08)
Changes userid id's telephone number to phone.  Requires MGR_MKID manager bit. 

$set_per_intro(id text)   (4.08)
Changes userid id's brief introduction to text.  (May be set to nothing).  Text may contain newlines.  Requires MGR_MKID manager bit. 

$set_per_join(id cnum)   (4.08)
Make userid id a member of conference cnum.  Evaluates to '1' on success, and 0 otherwise.  Requires MGR_MKID manager bit.  Fails if id is not allowed to join cnum.