Caucus Documentation
The following documents will help you understand Caucus.  Please feel free to download any or all of them.  To experience Caucus yourself, please visit our Conference Center.

Caucus FAQ
A collection of "Frequently Asked Questions" about Caucus.

Caucus Installation Guide (Unix)
Full details on how to install the Premier Conferencing System on the Web.

Caucus Installation Guide (Windows/NT)

Caucus Installation "readme.txt" file (Unix)
The quick-start "read me" file for installing Caucus.  Included with each Unix Caucus kit.

CML Reference Guide
The Caucus interface is written in CML, the Caucus Markup Language. Here are the nuts and bolts of how CML works.

Caucus Architecture Description
A detailed description of how Caucus actually works with your web server.

Conference Organizer's How To
The person in charge of a Caucus conference is called the organizer. This guide details how to start and run a conference.

Guide for Conference Organizers
This guide talks more about the why of organizing the conference, and the human issues involved.

Caucus & Virtual Hosting
This page describes how to implement different Caucus interfaces for different "virtual hosts".

Caucus E-Mail Interface
This page describes how add e-mail only participants to an on-going Caucus conference.

Caucus 2.7 (Text Interface) Documents
An earlier version of Caucus supports several text-based interfaces. You can now get the guides for the text interface software:

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