Caucus has always provided the world's best online platform for collaborative projects of all kinds.

Caucus 4.0 builds on that feature-rich foundation with improvements that expand your ability to share and organize the information you need to work and learn with others online.

  • A redesigned interface with new graphics and improved layout makes Caucus easier to use than ever.

  • The new personal Notebook feature allows you to store references to any location in Caucus for quick access to the information you need most.

  • A more powerful searching function enables you to search across multiple conferences to find the information you're looking for.

  • Expanded options for viewing and sorting conference contents listings provide enhanced tools for browsing Caucus workspaces.

  • New tools to copy and move conference material from one location to another facilitate sharing and reorganizing information within and between conferences.

  • Improved conference organizer tools simplify conference management:

    • New tools for maintaining conference user lists
    • Expanded options for defining conference backgrounds and colors
    • Organizer control over allowed and prohibited HTML tags
    • Flexible limits on when responses may be edited.

  • A complete suite of web-based Caucus management tools provides powerful access to the full range of manager functions:

    • Conference creation, deletion, and archiving
    • Caucus user creation, deletion, and password management
    • User group management
    • Control over system-wide variables that affect the Caucus interface
    • Server management

Caucus 4.0 is 100% compatible with previous versions of Caucus, so you can take advantage of the new features without interrupting your workflow.

Try Caucus 4.0 now at our public conference center, or download a free trial copy for your own web site.

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