"...rich functionality for creating and sharing information..., brainstorming and creativity, and increasing productivity."
—Jerry Michalski, Edventure Holdings, Inc.

Caucus is the world's best conferencing software. It gives people spaces online where they meet as teams, learning groups, and communities to create and share knowledge, experience, ideas, and information.

In static Web sites, information doesn't change or it is updated oh-so-sloowly. But Caucus is always evolving. You shape the conference center every time you visit. It's personal and meaningful, and it gets better all the time.

A Caucus conference center is a constantly-growing network of people, purposes, resources, and information:

  • you can contribute anytime
  • you always see what is relevant to you
  • you can start new topics anytime
  • you can include anything Web-compatible:
    Files and documents, Web pages and anything that can go on them, mailtos and URLs, images, databases, audio, Java applets, you get the idea...
People work best when they work together. Caucus removes the barriers to working together online. You get:

  • a shared space online that's available whenever and wherever you are
  • efficient access to the ideas and information of other people
  • easy ways to contribute ideas and information to others
  • flexible, personalized ways to view and manage knowledge that's important to you

Organizations use Caucus for teamwork, learning, and community-building:

  • strategic projects
  • virtual courses and campuses
  • online events
  • virtual team centers
  • communities of practice
and much, much more

Who's using Caucus today
US Department of Defense
The Metanet
Community Intelligence Labs
British Telecom
US Army Corps of Engineers
General Services Administration
University of Arizona
Carleton College
Twin-Cities FreeNet
City of Santa Monica
Maui Technical Research Center
and many, many more

Caucus nuts & bolts
Caucus runs with standard Internet hardware and OS/Web server software and is compatible with most Web server authentication and security methods. It interoperates with other Web-compatible software. Caucus combines a rich computer-conferencing API, an HTML-compatible scripting language, and complete Web compatibility.

Server requirements
Caucus runs on Microsoft Windows NT and many popular UNIX platforms. Supported Web server software includes Microsoft Internet Information Server, Netscape Enterprise Server, and the Apache Web Server.

Client requirements
Only a standard Web browser is required.

Screen Porch offers flexible licensing options to meet the needs of your organization. Visit our Licensing and Sales pages for more information.

Caucus 4.0 is fully Year-2000 compliant.

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