Caucus Product Information
Caucus comes with everything you need to create workspaces on the Web. Caucus includes server software, workspace templates, extensive customizability, and complete HTML compatibility.

The Caucus Server

The Caucus server is an engine for collaboration, managing all Caucus information, handling the structure of workspaces (called conferences), and managing user lists and permissions. The server provides each user with exactly the information he or she has permission to access. All information is saved in Caucus; there is no need to purchase additional software. Administration is via an easy Web browser interface.

The Caucus Center

The Caucus Center is created automatically when you install Caucus—it is ready to use. You can put your Center to work immediately by creating conference workspaces, adding users, and integrating Web-accessible materials. You can customize many attributes of the Caucus center using browser-based forms; for m ore control, you can tailor your Caucus Center templates by editing the HTML on which they're based or modifying the Caucus Markup Language (CML), the HTML-compatible scripting language included with Caucus.

Caucus Markup Language

The Caucus Center consists of HTML pages, output by Caucus from CML templates. These templates can be customized in many ways using standard HTML tools. Our engineers and other Caucus developers frequently post useful new CML templates at the Screen Porch Web site.

CML offers facilities for custom development, enabling you to add new CML templates to your Caucus Center and create new Caucus conference applications for teamwork and learning. A developer familiar with Basic or PERL will find CML simple to learn. Your CML scripts can include any HTML, allowing you to integrate video, audio, database entry points, Java, ActiveX, or other HTML in your new Caucus workspaces.

Caucus Documentation

Caucus comes with full on-line documentation for users and administrators.  This collection of FAQs, technical documents, user guides, and white papers provides the information to give you an in-depth understanding of the Caucus environment.

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