The Caucus Server

What is the Caucus Server?

The Caucus server is an open, powerful engine that creates virtual workspaces where people can work together on the Web. Built for the net, the Caucus server runs under Microsoft Windows NT and on most popular UNIX platforms, and works with any CGI-compatible Web server software and with the other infrastructure components of an Internet or intranet site.

The Caucus server manages all the collaborative information you create in Caucus conference workspaces. It also handles the structure of your workspace conferences, managing user lists, permissions, and appropriate views of information for each user, as well as any other resources you've attached to a Caucus workspace.

Caucus includes its own conference database; there's no need to purchase additional software. On the other hand, if you have developed browser front ends to applications on other databases, these HTML access points may be integrated within a Caucus workspace.

Who should employ the Caucus Server?

The Caucus server provides a collaborative applications platform for organizations on the Web, including:

  • Enterprises that wish to support virtual teams and workplace or customer communities in scalable, flexible collaborative environments on the Web that integrate heterogeneous Web information and tools.

  • Educational organizations seeking a platform to develop virtual courses and campuses.

  • Webmasters creating interactive Web sites which combine conversation and emerging community with information distribution and back-end business functions.< P>
  • Organization Consultants creating Internet/intranet platforms for business needs in teamwork and organizational learning.

Open for BusinessSM

The Caucus Server is built on industry standards. It delivers all HTML, including any compatible information in any HTML-compatible format. It also is compatible with Javascript, Java applets, and ActiveX controls as well as Internet-standard email. The Caucus server can be integrated with Web server security (including SSL 3.0 and RSA encryption when installed). Caucus user authentication works directly with the Web server, or can be supplied by an external program.

Multiple Resources

The Caucus server can integrate a variety of heterogeneous Web-compatible information and applications within a Caucus workspace; these resources allow you to provide users with a flexible and extensible set of Web-based capabilities in a collaborative workspace setting, where participants have access to all the information their application requires.

Web-based Administration

Caucus workspace conferences can be created and configured via a Web browser and require minimal administration and no network configuration. No client software need be installed, as participants use only a standard Web browser. Return on your Caucus investment can begin immediately.

Caucus Server Requirements

To use Caucus, you need only install it under a compatible OS and run nearly any CGI-compatible Web server.

Try It Now

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