The Caucus Center
The Caucus Center is created automatically when you install Caucus. It is complete and ready to use. You can put your center to work immediately by creating conference workspaces, adding users, and integrating Web-accessible materials. You can customize many aspects of the Caucus Center using the supplied browser-based forms. For more extensive customizations, you ca n tailor Caucus Center templates by modifying the HTML on which they're based, or by using the Caucus Markup Language (CML), the HTML-compatible scripting language included with Caucus.

The Caucus Center templates are simply CML scripts. You can customize these templates or create new scripts of your own for all kinds of collaboration, learning, and community-building applications in Caucus, and evolve them as needs change. Useful new templates, created by our engineers or our customers, are often available to the Caucus community at the Screen Porch Web site.

Caucus Template Requirements
To use CML templates, you need only install Caucus under a compatible OS and run nearly any CGI-compatible Web server.

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