Limitless Knowledge Resources

Caucus easily integrates all kinds of information resources to enrich your collaboration.

Include Web sites, HTML files, PowerPoint presentations, legacy database links, and just about any other information you need. If you want to create course materials or project documents for a Caucus application, you can use an HTML editor, a Web-authoring package, courseware for the Web, or any software that allows you to save-as-HTML. The files and pages you create can be integrated into Caucus with ease.

You can even include Web activities -- not just information -- in a Caucus collaboration. We've include a lot of examples below; please take the time to scroll through them all to get an idea of how powerful and flexible Caucus is.

Not just static information but Web activities too can be integrated under the Caucus menubar and brought inside a collaborative Caucus conference. Below, you'll see an bookstore right inside a Caucus collaboration. Note the Caucus menubar at the top of the page.

A learner can even create personal notebooks of materials from within the collaborative conference or any other source.