Caucus 4.0 Software Downloads

This page is for existing Caucus customers who may need to re-download a Caucus 4.0 kit.  (If you are new to Caucus, please see the Caucus Systems Inc page.)

This release of Caucus is version 4.05, dated 10 March 1998.  For the newest version of Caucus, see the 4.1 download page.

If you have purchased a Caucus 4.0 license and are a registered licensee, or have previously purchased Caucus 3.x and have an active maintenance contract, you should have received an upgrade id and password.  (If you have not received an upgrade id, please contact us at [email protected].)

If you have your id and password, you can immediately upgrade your site by downloading Caucus 4.0 now. 

Your Caucus kit includes a brief readme.txt file that includes basic installation instructions.  But you should also see the full Unix Installation Guide or Windows/NT Installation Guide now!

Caucus 4.0 runs on the following platforms: