Tom Mandel’s poetry combines innovative form and language with the impress of philosophy and traditions of both classical and Jewish learning. Recent work has been published at Across the Margin, X-Peri, Annex Press and again at Across the Margin.

Some Books & Chapbooks

To the Cognoscenti Absence Sensorium Letters of the Law Ancestral Cave Four Strange Books Realism Prospect of Release


Central Europe Erat Some Appearances Ready to Go EncY The Grand Piano, Part 1 The Grand Piano, Part 2


The Grand Piano, Part 3 The Grand Piano, Part 4 The Grand Piano, Part 5 The Grand Piano, Part 6 The Grand Piano, Part 7 The Grand Piano, Part 8 The Grand Piano, Part 9


The Grand Piano, Part 10

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Some Comments

“A visionary poet....”
Cahners on Letters of the Law

“Refracted through the lens of Tom Mandel’s poetry, the world takes on the singularity of a new kind of order."
John Ashbery on Realism

“Relentless excursions out of our familiar ‘monochromatic desert of grasp’ into the domain of discovery.”
Harry Mathews on Realism

“An enormous book, aligned with a deepest sense of history and culture.”
Lyn Hejinian on Four Strange Books

“One of the most extraordinary collections of poetry to have come my way during my lifetime.”
Harry Mathews on Four Strange Books

“A magnificent poem, one that ‘holds the night between two pale fingers.’”
George Lakoff on Absence Sensorium

“Quiet, enriching, satisfying, sensuously intellectual & intellectually sensuous."
Pierre Joris on To the Cognoscenti

“I feel fortunate to have been able to accompany Tom through his books for three decades now.”
Ron Silliman on To the Cognoscenti